Explore ORTIZ MEXIA Projects, Inc.'s, Ortiz & Wheeler Residence, at AIA|LA's "Venice Vista" spring Home Tour, presented by Gruen Associates

Last Updated: March 28, 2012

Explore ORTIZ MEXIA Projects, Inc.'s, Ortiz & Wheeler Residence, at AIA|LA's "Venice Vista" spring Home Tour, presented by Gruen Associates

Mar Vista, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Explore ORTIZ MEXIA Projects, Inc.'s, Ortiz & Wheeler Residence, at AIA|LA's "Venice Vista" spring Home Tour, presented by Gruen Associates

Inspired by Modernists, such as Neutra and Schindler, this home reflects it's Latin American origins, infused with Asian influences. This home is a family oriented residence that keeps in mind the environment and modern California living.

This home a must-see in order to experience the contemporary design with a family flair! Come see it at the AIA|LA Home Tour, "Venice Vista!"

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House Description:

Location: Mar Vista, CA
Category: Residential
Design Firm: Santiago Ortiz, Assoc. AIA, ORTIZ MEXIA PROJECTS, INC.

Our new 2-Story Single Family Residence was designed and built having in mind a sense of responsibility for our children, the environment, and our future. The design, components, and systems which make this home have been selected for their elegant simplicity, and endurance. Add to this the idiosyncrasies and desires of our family. Water purity, indoor air quality systems, and spatial layout are combined with our unique architectural language allowing for a very healthy home with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, yet rich in details, material, spatial, and lighting qualities.

Our house was constructed using framing lumber and Glulam columns and beams from sustainable forests (FSC Certified), engineered lumber (SFI Certified), framed at 24" O.C. minimizing the use of lumber by 1/3 in comparison to standard practice 16" O.C., Second floor flooring is solid FSC Certified Cumaru, Exterior Siding is solid FSC Certified Muiracatiara. Low to Zero VOC products were used/ installed during construction of the house. Glass and Concrete tiles throughout the home's bathrooms have high recycled content > 55%, All cabinetry is FSC Certified walnut veneer plywood panels. All walls are finished using trowel led clay and titanium dioxide for a natural and rich surface with depth. The house keeps cool and warm depending on the season through a combination of high efficiency windows, natural ventilation, high efficiency insulation and an energy efficient radiant floor system.

The residence is approached by our guests through a unique series of thresholds/ veranda and are welcomed within the structure before entering the front door. A formal foyer/ vestibule at the front receives our guests, yet does not reveal the entirety of the house. Finally a great room having a living/ dining/ kitchen follows the entry and extends beyond the exterior sliding doors facing South onto a deck and a lush backyard. A steel and wood staircase connects the public and private spaces. The children's bedrooms are accessed from a very wide corridor which serves as playing area with the bedrooms feeding in on one side. Opposite the bedrooms is an exterior patio and garden which faces West and becomes a destination for our family to be outside even if we're upstairs. The master bedroom located a few feet higher than the children's area faces South onto the backyard and also has an exterior balcony which serves as vegetable garden balcony and overhang for South facing great room below. Consistency and flexibility of materials and integral cabinetry manifests throughout the house. Interior storage in walnut panels was resolved through a modulating cabinet on each specific area or room; serving as bench or bookshelf or counter or bureau or console. In all 4 bathrooms as well the vocabulary is uniform while the routine rituals environments are all very unique.

See this home in person at the April 1st AIA|LA Spring 2012 Home Tour: "Venice Vista"

Stay tuned for descriptions of the other homes...

For more information, visit the AIA|LA Home Tours webpage

Photography: Art Gray

ORTIZ MEXIA PROJECTS is designing unique and customized pragmatic solutions for clients. Implementing the latest environmental and sustainable systems and practices is fundamental in our design belief. Our process with singular and detailed orchestration strives for a timeless and elegant feat. Santiago Ortiz Principal, Assoc. AIA

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