A Call to Action!

I’ve attached a very well written, short article that I’m hoping you will read (see LA.CURBED article by Alissa Walker below). She articulates why urban density along mass transit lines is one of the best things we can do to slow climate change. It will absolutely do that but it will also help ease our crippling traffic while increasing workforce and affordable housing. Please support Development and Density close to and around our amazing Metro Rail system. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and many others - while well meaning are absolutely clueless when it comes to smart growth, density and development. Stopping growth in Santa Monica and Hollywood will do nothing to solve our issues of homelessness, traffic congestion and displacement of our workforce housing. Pushing development farther east, north and south will cause more raw land to be developed, increase pollution, strangle traffic, increase homelessness and further reduce development of low income housing. I do support DiCaprio’s efforts to make the world more aware of global warming but he is clueless and misguided by those who stand to gain significantly by shutting down development in our cities. 

Please support density where it makes sense - walking distance to a light rail, street car or other mass transit stop. Support those who’s efforts to develop and maximize their properties along rail lines. Vote for smart density NOT no growth. 

IF you live in Los Angeles:

Vote NO this November on the “Build Better LA” Initiative, as it puts even more very shortsighted constraints on building and will effectively kill construction by making yet more difficult the already incredibly complex process of getting approvals for projects of any size. 

Vote NO in March to stop the “Neighborhood Integrity Initiative” - about the worst NIMBY action I’ve ever encountered it’s just bad for LA in every respect except to effectively stop all future construction of any kind. 

Density makes our cities healthier by encouraging walking, bike riding, riding Metro Rail or the Street Car instead of always being forced to drive your car. 

This is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of any organization of which I”m a member. Feel free to copy, forward or send this on to anyone who votes. 

Thanks for reading.

D. Rocky Rockefeller, Architect, AIA|LA, ULI, LA Conservancy, LASCi

Last updated: 07-Nov-2016 12:49 PM
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