Heather Roberge will speak at the AIA|LA Design Conference on June 23rd

Last Updated: June 19, 2012

Heather Roberge will speak at the AIA|LA Design Conference on June 23rd

"Our work is the outcome of three lines of inquiry that run in parallel during the design process. The first is intellectual and asks "What disciplinary questions can this work contribute to?" The second is sensorial and asks "In what ways does this work engage people?" The third is technical and asks "Where are the opportunities for ingenuity to produce novel structural, environmental and construction solutions that complement our intellectual and sensorial ambitions?" The resulting design work thus engages with multiple audiences: the academic community, an engaged public and craftspeople. This allows us to communicate our ideas through material practice." - Heather Roberge

On June 22 & June 23, we invite you to join Heather Roberge and us at the upcoming AIA|LA Design Conference to hear how leading design professionals are evolving the scope of their professional practice to enhance social, cultural and economic value.

Learn how to develop new tools, strategies and opportunities to achieve success in today's shifting economy.

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Heather Roberge will speak at the AIA|LA Design Conference on June 23rd

Heather Roberge
Principal - murmur

Heather Roberge is a designer and educator in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder and principal of murmur, a practice that studies the spatial, structural and atmospheric potential of emerging digital design and manufacturing techniques. murmur's current projects include the Vortex House under construction in Malibu, CA, the Gatins Chan residence under construction in Beverly Hills and the Law Offices of SPC also in Beverly Hills. She is Associate Vice Chair of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA, where she teaches graduate courses in design and digital fabrication and is Director of the undergraduate program in Architectural Studies.

Ms. Roberge's research focuses on the effective implications of contemporary surfaces with particular interest in formal and material experimentation that engages the senses. Ms. Roberge's work has received numerous design awards and has been included in A+U, Praxis, Metropolis, I.D., Japan Esquire, Architectural Record 2, Log, 306090, Form Magazine, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, Softspace, Crib Sheets and Digital Fabrications: Architectural and Material Techniques among others. In 2011, murmur's "Succulent House," was awarded an AIA LA Next LA design award. Recent publications include an article in Matter: Material Processes in Architectural Production and 306090 Volume 14: Making A Case. In 2006, as co-founder of Gnuform, she participated in MOMA's Young Architects Program with the submission of a project titled "Purple Haze" and was included in the Bejing Biennial, "Emerging Talents: Emerging Technologies." Gnuform's "NGTV Bar" received an AIA LA Design Award in 2006. Ms. Roberge's work has been displayed in exhibitions including "Gnuform: Hairstyle", "Patterns: Cases in Synthetic Intelligence", "Temporalism" and "Matters of Sensation."

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