Home Tours Q&A: Architect Rick Leslie, AIA

Last Updated: March 8, 2011

Home Tours Q&A: Architect Rick Leslie, AIA

15 Latimer Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90402, USA

AIA Los Angeles recently touched base with spring 2011 Home Tours architect, Rick Leslie, AIA, designer of the Rustic Canyon home, 15 Latimer Road.

In the Q&A he answers questions on living in the home, how the canyon influences a home's design and what he thinks about the difference between East and West of the 405... Read on to find out more.

1. How did the environment or culture on where the home was built, influence its design?
The environs of Rustic Canyon certainly had a lot to do with the design; the steep slope of the adjacent hill, the long, narrow, flat area at the front of the lot, the deep shaded tree cover and lack of sun at certain times of the day, and the requirement for privacy for a home that is raised up off the street. There are as well, many personal references from my past that played an important role in the design. The many level changes that occur, for example, are a direct connection to the old New England farm house I grew up in which stepped down the grade toward the barn.

2. How do you see the project once it is completed?
We have lived in this house as a culmination of the great homes I have lived in over the years especially during my childhood. It is a very open, exciting and dynamic environment that really took some getting use to during the first year.

3. Being that the theme for the Homes Tours this Spring is "East and West of the 405," what are your thoughts on the difference between the eastern region and western region of the 405 Freeway?
The one difference that has had an impact on me is the way houses respond to the differences in the climates. It has been a blessing not to have to install air conditioning, for instance, and we have used radiant floor heating which is great in response to how cold and damp these canyons near the ocean can be.

The architecture firm RICK LESLIE ARCHITECTS has over 28 years of experience in numerous project types throughout Southern California. Since Rick Leslie Architects first opened its doors in 1980, they've offered an ever-widening range of retail, mixed-use, corporate, institutional, and residential developments. Founder and principal Rick Leslie has been practicing architecture since graduating with honors in 1970 from Pratt Institute in New York. Registered in California in 1975, he has worked with such well-known California architects as Berry Berkus, Richard C. Martin, and Jan Van Tilburg. In 1980, he established his own firm, which grew to a twenty-person office in the 1980's occupying its own award-winning building in Van Nuys, California. Rick has gained valuable experience through the course of his career by running a cabinet company, performing construction management, and with residential development.

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