Home Tours Q&A: David Thompson, Assoc. AIA

Last Updated: March 22, 2011

Home Tours Q&A: David Thompson, Assoc. AIA

3780 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

Home Tours Q&A with architect, David Thompson, Assoc. AIA

We continue our AIA Los Angeles Spring 2011 Home Tours interviews with David Thompson, Assoc. AIA, designer of the Stoneridge Residence. In this edition, he answers questions regarding the original builder and offers his take on how Los Angeles is a progressive city and how the 405 freeway plays plays on the the East and the West.

1. Did the environment or culture on where the home was built, influence its design?

The original house was built by a commercial builder, which is why the house was built with full-brick veneer and masonry walls. These construction methods were instrumental in the influence of the overall design. Glass and stucco were used to help to lighten the weightiness of the brick, while the interior material palette of organic materials and forms were meant to counter balance the heaviness and hard edge mass of the exterior. The pool and fountain in the rear were to provide a strong focal point and anchor within the large scale of the rear yard.

2. How do you see a project once it is completed?

I am extremely pleased with the final product. I feel that despite its size, the house has a sense of intimacy and warmth that is not easily achieved at this scale. The flow and scale of space seem to be in real harmony and the interior spaces engage the landscape in a way that allows the user to experience the entire site. The "devil is the details" and I believe that this house really exemplifies an exceptional level of craftsmanship that really elevate the design.

3. What are your thoughts on the difference between the eastern region and western region of the 405 Freeway?

I really believe that Los Angeles is one of the most progressive architectural cities and is producing some of the greatest work in the world. While I do think there is some characteristics that are unique to the eastern and western regions of the 405, I do feel that these regions produce a unique type of work that is representative of the entire Southern California sensibility.

Firm Profile: Assembledge+

Assembledge+ is an award winning full-service architecture and development firm steeped in the history and continuing innovation of modern design.

Founded in 1997, by its principal David Thompson, Assoc. AIA, Assembledge+ has developed a body of work that is an expression of his passion for Contemporary World Architecture and its particular execution in the temperate Southern California climate. With extensive experience in the design and execution of residential and commercial projects, Assembledge+ brings high levels of design sensitivity, technical expertise, a deep understanding of sustainable building, and hands-on principal involvement to every project, large or small.

Assembledge+ was founded on the theory of collaboration: collaboration with clients, collaboration with contractors and tradespeople, collaboration with building officials and public agencies, and collaboration within the design team of architects and engineers. The name Assembledge+ was deliberately chosen to convey our passion for "assembling" all the often-complex elements of the project realization process and our commitment to placing our work firmly on the leading "edge" of contemporary discourse. The + signifies our approach of constantly searching for better, more efficient, more innovative ways to construct modern living and working environments and our refusal to accept tradition limitations as to what can be achieved within typical constraints. At Assembledge+ we are steadfastly committed to transforming ideas into reality.

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