Home Tours Q&A with architect Larry Scarpa, FAIA

Last Updated: May 10, 2011

Home Tours Q&A with architect Larry Scarpa, FAIA

Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Home Tours Q&A: Larry Scarpa, FAIA of Brooks + Scarpa Architects

This home is featured in our Spring 2011 Home Tour, "Venice=/SaMo (Venice is not Santa Monica)," taking place May 15th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

AIA|Los Angeles got in touch with our Spring 2011 Home Tour designers and asked them questions about their homes. In this edition, Larry Scarpa, FAIA, designer of the Yin-Yang Residence in Venice discusses the home's use of family oriented design and, of course, the difference between Venice and Santa Monica. Read the entire interview below!

  • How did the environment where the home was built influence the design?
    It's a bigger lot that is unusual for Venice. The homeowners were originally in the Canals area that have very small outdoor space. In this lot they really wanted to connect the indoor and outdoor seamlessly as one.

  • What is your favorite feature of the home?
    Hard question... We used loaded bamboo that helped to provide a connection between the indoor and outdoor living.

  • As an architect, how much of your personal touch do you put in each building you design?
    A lot. We design specific to clients needs, yet I am highly involved in the projects. It becomes a dialogue and a personal adventure for me as well.

  • From a design point of you, can you discuss the differences between Venice and Santa Monica?
    There is a huge difference between these two cities. Venice is more ethnically diverse, free spirited and raw. Santa Monica on the other hand is progressive, pristine and refined. This also reflects in the design of these two areas: Santa Monica has an architecture review board that approves all development and building, Venice's neighborhood council does not have so many hoops to go through.

  • How did you emphasize "family" in the design of the house?
    It's all about "family" for the home owners. We made the house with a limited budget. We needed to accentuate parts of the house that had more to do with family than private spaces. Therefore the bedrooms are much smaller than in average homes this size. The bedrooms are places to sleep, not live. The children have a study/family area where they play and interact. The client really wanted us to take square footage form other spaces and add it to communal spaces.

About Brooks+Scarpa Architects

Brooks + Scarpa believes that architecture should engage the user, heighten their sense of awareness, and bring a deeper understanding and vitality to their experience. They strive to create environments that stimulate their occupants and leave lasting impressions. They encourage a culture of ingenuity and exploration that enables us to maintain a fresh approach to every project we undertake. This is true regardless of the scale - big or small, whether for public or private use, for rich or for poor. This is an approach that has often led us to reinvent established building types.

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