Home Tours Q&A with architect William Hefner, AIA

Last Updated: April 26, 2012

Home Tours Q&A with architect William Hefner, AIA

Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Home Tours Q&A with architect William Hefner, AIA, presented by Gruen Associates

AIA Los Angeles continues it's architect Q&A series with spring 2012 Home Tours architect, William Hefner, AIA, designer of the Chautauqua Home.

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In the Q&A he answers questions on his inspiration in designing the home, his design guides and what he thinks about the difference between the Palisades and Brentwood.

  • How did the environment where the home was built influence the design? The canyon and the views from the site absolutely determined the floor plan, the layout of rooms and their exact orientation on the site. A large infinity edge pool takes one's eye to the view while flanking angled wings invert towards the prime views of the Will Rogers State Park to the north and the city to the south.

  • What is your favorite feature of the home?
    The large great room is my favorite feature; it essentially functions as an interior courtyard connecting all the spaces of the first and second floors. Its openness to the backyard and the double volume height brings the outside in.

  • As an architect, how much of your personal touch do you put in each building you design? How do you move on from one project to the next?
    I do put a lot of personal effort in trying to understand my client. My intent is to reflect the personalities of the owners and so, in this case, we tried to indulge the idiosyncrasies and tastes of the owner in order to ensure the project, its layout and material palette would resonate for him. I approach every project as if it's the first home we are designing and don't take any of the baggage from the previous project. The projects take their form from site influences, owner's personality and the neighborhood. We endeavor to create a unique architectural language for each home.

  • This Home Tour theme is "Palisades to Brentwood," from a design point of you, can you discuss the differences between Palisades living and Brentwood? If there are any...
    The primary difference is, in the Palisades, you really feel the influence of the ocean and it's proximity both in the light and the tactile sense of air there. The climate is that much more gentle and hence, the designs can take advantage of that sense of coastal climate and more rustic setting.

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About Studio William Hefner
At Studio William Hefner we have developed a practice that fully integrates architecture and interior design into a seamless process. Our process is unique in that is begins from the inside and works its way to the outer gardens beyond. What distinguishes our diverse portfolio is an aesthetic sensibility that combines livability with a luxury of details and materials.

Our approach to design centers on the client; We listen for their dreams as well as their requirements. We observe, we talk, we test ideas and options. Our work begins with how the client will use the space, designing from the inside out. Ours is a holistic vision - architecture, interiors and landscape form a single environment.

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