Home Tours Q&A with designer Steve Kent, AIA

Last Updated: May 4, 2011

Home Tours Q&A with designer Steve Kent, AIA

Santa Monica, CA, USA

Home Tours Q&A: Steven Kent, AIA of Steven Kent Architects

This home is featured in our Spring 2011 Home Tour, "Venice=/SaMo (Venice is not Santa Monica)," taking place May 15th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

AIA|Los Angeles got in touch with our Spring 2011 Home Tour designers and asked them questions about their homes. In this edition, Steven Kent, AIA, designer of the Hirshberg Residence in Santa Monica discusses the home's use of photovoltaic solar power, the personal touch he adds to his designs and, of course, the difference between Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Read the entire interview below!

  • How did the environment where the home was built influence the design?
    With neighbors close on all sides, the goal was to get maximum glass & natural light, while maintaining privacy. A shrouded outdoor room faces south connecting the house to the pool & back yard. Additionally there is a large eucalyptus tree in front that has been designated as a historic landmark. The house was designed to step around the tree.

  • What is your favorite feature of the home?
    The 3-story poured concrete stair enclosure.

  • As an architect, how much of your personal touch do you put in each building you design? How do you move on from one project to the next?
    I am a one person design-build firm, so there is more 'personal touch' in my projects than I would like at times. Each house design is a growing process where I draw from past projects while always incorporating new ideas. The owner of this house has a creative mind and was very much involved in the design process.

  • From a design point of you, can you discuss the differences between Venice and Santa Monica?
    Venice is gritty and progressive, while this Montana area of Santa Monica is more reserved and traditional. Fortunately, while the planning code for this area is very restrictive to the building envelope, there was nothing dictating architectural style.

  • How did green building technologies play a key factor in building the home?
    The building utilizes photovoltaic solar power as well as radiant and hydronic heating systems. Many green building materials and energy saving features were incorporated into the home.

About Steven Kent Architect

Since 1995 architect Steven Kent has built a reputation for high-end quality design with minimalist modern style. As a builder himself, Steve has a pragmatic approach to architecture and an intuitive design sensibility. His buildings exhibit striking architectural volumes with a seamless flow of space, while creating a warm and serene living environment.

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