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How Watching the Live Feed for POWERFUL 1
Changed Possibilities for Jamie Molina, AIA

"I had just completed my exams when I heard about this AIA event called POWERFUL: Women Leading Design!  It was the first of its kind and I really wanted to attend but I was working, and couldn't go at the time. Luckily, I found out it would be live streamed online.  So, I watched when I could.

The speakers were so inspiring. I remember particularly connecting with a woman who ran her own firm. Her message was 'don't settle'; find a culture you can flourish in. She opened my eyes that way. When she said, "I'm hiring," I contacted her and landed an interview.

The interview itself was so empowering, and a window into her firm's culture. During the conversation, someone else in her office told me: 'we want to develop your talent. If there's something that you really want to do, we'll make it happen for you.' They empowered individuals and, through that, developed a vibrant office.

The interview went great and to my, somewhat, surprise, I received an offer. Ultimately, I took a position elsewhere. But that had everything to do with the empowering interview that this successful firm founder gave me.  She emphasized that, given the economy, we should find a firm doing the type of projects we were most interested in. I respected her work, but realized the typology I most wanted to design wasn't what her office focused on.

You could say that this was an ordinary networking experience, but it made a difference to hear it from a woman and see her running her own firm.

I'm proud that, after sending me to Powerful II, the firm that I work for now is supporting this year's conference.  It's full circle--it's giving opportunities to others."--Jamie Molina, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Jamie Molina, AIA, watched POWERFUL I via live feed, was sent to Powerful II care of her firm, and is on a Women in Architecture subcommittee working on Powerful III. You can attend that event, on October 20, by clicking here. Or, follow her live coverage of the event on twitter @jamiemolinaaia

Last updated: 22-Jul-2016 12:17 PM
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