Once again, AIA|LA is teaming up with Spark, a national nonprofit that addresses the dropout crisis by connecting youth in underserved communities to working professionals in one on one apprenticeships. Spark uniquely focuses on students in middle school, where research shows the process of dropping out begins.

AIA|LA wants to help develop future leaders in the architecture profession as early as possible, we need your help in mentoring these young students and giving them an insight into what it is to be an architect or designer!

Past Spark mentor, Rogerio Carvalheiro, RCDF said, "I am continually impressed with my Spark student and how excited he was to learn about the field of Architecture.  The concepts are not an easy thing for even adults to pick up, and my apprentice Victor grasped them quickly and eagerly."  Hear from a few more of our mentors in this video.

Join a community of committed architects, designers, and structural engineers from Gensler, Abramson Teiger, Walter P. Moore, Kanda Tso, the Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design, and more.

Becoming a Spark mentor is easy…all it takes is:
- 2 hours
- 1 afternoon a week
- 8-10 weeks

Become a Mentor Today!
Last updated: 13-Aug-2013 11:02 AM
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